Malta’s 58th Independence anniversary celebrated in Germany
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Malta’s 58th Independence anniversary celebrated in Germany

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Oct 19, 2022

The 58th anniversary of Malta’s Independence was celebrated in Germany on three separate events held in Berlin and in Heidelberg. On 7 September, the Ambassador of Malta to Germany, Dr Vanni Xuereb, and his spouse, Charlò Baldacchino, hosted the honorary consuls of Malta in Germany as well as representatives from the Malta Tourism Authority, led by its Chairman Dr Gavin Gulia, and Air Malta to a buffet at their Residence in Berlin. The following day, Ambassador Xuereb and Mr Baldacchino hosted an official ‘Malta Day Reception’ in Mitte-Berlin. The reception was organised in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority. Prior to the reception, the MTA organised several workshops for tourism operators in the Berlin-Brandenburg regions.  


Amongst those attending the reception were members of the German Federal Parliament, officials from the office of the Federal President and from the Federal Government, ambassadors and other members of the diplomatic corps, the President of the German-Maltese Association, the Director of the Malta Centre at the University of Bremen, Maltese nationals currently residing in Berlin, tourism operators, and journalists.


The guests were addressed by Ambassador Xuereb and by Dr Gulia who delivered a speech on behalf of the Minister for Tourism, Clayton Bartolo. Having just received the news regarding the passing away of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Ambassador Xuereb began his speech by expressing his sorrow and paying tribute, recalling how Queen Elizabeth II was Malta’s first Head of State from independence until Malta became a Republic in 1974. The Ambassador’s statement was followed by a minute of silence as a sign of respect.


The Ambassador proceeded by highlighting the excellent bilateral relations between Malta and Germany which have flourished along the years, and underscored the importance of European unity, especially in the face of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. Ambassador Xuereb also spoke about cooperation between Malta and Germany on a multitude of levels, ranging from trade to education, culture and tourism among others.


Another reception was held on 21 September itself in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg.  It was hosted by the Honorary Consul of Malta in Baden-W​​ürttemberg, Dr Rainer Dulger and his spouse Ms Christina Dulger. Ambassador Xuereb and Mr Baldacchino were the guests of honour at the reception. The Ambassador also delivered a short address during which he once again highlighted the excellent relations between Malta and Germany. He also thanked Dr Dulger for his role as Honorary Consul and for having chosen Malta as one of the countries in which to set up a subsidiary of his company which has its headquarters in Heidelberg. In fact, the following day, Ambassador Xuereb and Mr Baldacchino also had the opportunity to visit the ProMinent Headquarters and plant, the manufacturing firm set up by the late Dr Viktor Dulger in the nineteen sixties which also has a subsidiary in Malta.


The Honorary Consul of Malta in Baden.jpeg