Maltese Delegation in attendance of the 2022 WTO Ministerial Conference
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Maltese Delegation in attendance of the 2022 WTO Ministerial Conference

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Jun 14, 2022

A delegation led by the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta to the World Trade Organisation, H.E. Alexander Sceberras Trigona, is currently attending the 2022 World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference which is being held in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the opening day of this conference, European Union Member States announced that they are committed to an open and rules-based multilateral trading system, with a modernised WTO at its core. Moreover, the EU will also support a realistic package for the 12th WTO MC, and expects all WTO members to make constructive contributions, according to their needs and capacities.

This was also particularly highlighted during the Support for Ukraine Event, which was organized by the European Union and attended by H.E. Sceberras Trigona and a host of other nations from across the globe. During this event, those present reiterated their full support for, and solidarity with, the people of Ukraine.

Exacerbating food security issues due to the aggression against Ukraine are also critical. The EU will back initiatives to address the food security situation throughout the entirety of the MC12. It is also in favour of balanced agricultural outcomes, including increased transparency, including in relation to export restrictions, and multilateral decisions to exempt humanitarian purchases by the World Food Programme from export restrictions, as well as avoiding export restrictions on agricultural products in general. Finally, the EU also supports the beginning of work programmes in areas such as trade-distorting domestic support and a permanent solution for public stockholding for food security, among others, with crucial features that would guide future negotiations.  Dr. Okonjo Iweala Ngozi, Director General of the World Trade Organization, also remarked that member countries should not underestimate the impact of export limits because such measures, when applied by countries, can exacerbate the ongoing global food crisis and supply chains.

As a result, the Republic of Malta fully supports the European Union’s efforts to make the MC12 a success and looks forward to good coordination between all member states in this regard.

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