Ambassador of Malta visits representative office of Bremen in berlin
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Ambassador of Malta visits representative office of Bremen in berlin

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Jun 30, 2021

Ambassador of Malta visits Representative Office of Bremen in Berlin


On 23 June, the Ambassador of Malta to the Federal Republic of Germany,  Dr Vanni Xuereb, paid a visit to the Representative Office of  the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in Berlin to meet the Representative of the Land of Bremen at the federal level , Dr Olaf Joachim. The Deputy Head of Mission of the Maltese Embassy, Mr Mark-Anthony Abela, and the Chief of Protocol of the Bremen Representation, Mr Veit Swoboda, were also present.


At the outset of the meeting between the Ambassador and the State Councillor, the numerous similarities between Malta and Bremen were highlighted.  Bremen and Malta share a number of similarities. For instance, both have a population that is just over half a million. They both face comparable political and economic challenges, including competition with larger countries or states on various levels. Furthermore, both States share common economic interests such as in the fisheries, aviation and maritime sectors. Climate change and Energy was another topic of discussion with Dr Joachim referring to the wind energy that is harvested in the Northern regions of Germany. The Ambassador affirmed that Malta was very interested to know more about technological advances in the generation of wind energy that would not have a serious impact on the environment, especially on the visual landscape of the Maltese islands given their geographical size.


The situation regarding COVID-19 was also discussed. Ambassador Xuereb described the successful implementation of Malta’s vaccination programme with 80% of the adult population having received the first dose and 67% of its population being fully vaccinated.  It was also noted that Bremen’s vaccination campaign was doing very well with the vaccination rate having picked up speed in the last few weeks.


The very special link between Malta and Bremen was emphasised during the exchange: the “Malta Centre”, a worldwide and unique centre for the research and promotion of the Maltese language, is located at the University of Bremen.


In conclusion, it was that the Embassy and the Representation would continue to collaborate to foster the already existing relations between Bremen and Malta.

Ambassador of Malta Dr Vanni Xuereb together with the Representative of the Land of Bremen, Dr Olaf Joachim.